Now instead of talking about tattoos on a specific human body area we will be briefing you about the tattoo design and type. One of the types of a tattoo one can get is a horseshoe tattoo.

A horseshoe is a shoe made for the hoof of the horses to protect their hoof from wear and tear while walking and running on rocky, hilly roads or rough terrains. These shoes are mostly made up of iron metal and fixed with the hoof of a horse by the help of seven nails to the hoof.

Historical importance:

Throughout the history of man horseshoe has been linked with bringing good luck and safety. Some even hang or put a real horseshoe made out of iron (as iron was believed to keep the evil spirits and negativity away) using nails, more often in the upward position of the open end of the shoe on the entering doors of their houses, thinking that when they will pass through that door they will be blessed with good luck and health. Since mostly seven nails are used to nail the shoe to the hoof of a horse, people have also adopted the number “seven” as a lucky number. This belief about the good luck related to the horseshoe is still strong among many people in this era as well.

Good luck charm:

In the similar manner a horseshoe tattoo is supposed to bring good luck, richness and prosperity to the bearer. People wear horseshoe necklace, bracelets and mostly get the horse shoe tattoo as a good luck charm for them. As a result of this philosophy both men and women love to get the horseshoe tattoos.

Pain factor:

The pain that you will experience while getting a horseshoe tattoo depends upon the body area for which you are getting the tattoo for. If you are looking to get the tattoo on calves, thighs and areas that contain strong muscles and fat it would probably hurt less as compared to getting the tattoo on more painful bony areas like ankles, elbows or areas with lots of nerve endings like armpits etc.

Design philosophy:

The importance and purpose of the horseshoe tattoo remains the same irrespective of the design or change in the size of the shape of the tattoo. So, one can be creative with the horseshoe tattoo and try out different horseshoe tattoo design for themselves.

Usually the horseshoe tattoo design is made keeping the open end of the horseshoe upwards. There are many unique ways in which a person can get a horseshoe tattoo depending upon the body area for which he/she is getting the tattoo. Mostly people get the horseshoe tattoos on foot, calves, legs and inner side of the forearm etc. Some may even get a tattoo that looks like they are wearing a horseshoe necklace around their neck or a tattoo that looks like a horseshoe bracelet around their wrist.

Instead of wandering here and there, go through our horseshoe tattoo designs especially collected for you!

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