Birds, in general, are a symbol of peace, freedom, travel, fierceness, wisdom, and many other things. We can associate different attributes to a bird by its behavior or features. In simple, they are one of nature’s creations who have got so many things to teach us or to which we can relate ourselves.

When it comes to body art, again birds have a significant place in the available tattoo ideas for men. Because a bird is associated with a particular meaning to elucidate, so before you go to ink out any design, you must be familiar with the outcome or repercussion of your tattoo. A particular bird for representing a specific trait gives the wearer a meaningful and aesthetic tattoo.

So, if for you tattoo is not just body art or you want something that you can relate to then Bird Tattoos will help you out and you must consider them in the first place.

Another significance of Bird Tattoos is that they can be as large or small as you want. You can either hide them by keeping it a personal tattoo or let the people have a detailed inspection or view of it. You can place them anywhere onto your body. From neck to foot, a bird tattoo can be placed on any part of your skin with a desirable look.


Bird Tattoo Ideas

We have a versatile range of Bird Tattoo Ideas for men and guys. No matter, what age do you belong to, our flexible range of tattoo designs will offer you numerous choices to pick up one that suits your convenience and taste.

To find out which bird tattoo can make a perfect match to your character or personality, keep reading on.

Dove Bird Tattoo

Doves have prestige in Christianity as being referred to as the story of Noah and the arc. They are known for a peaceful and calm nature and are considered as a symbol of purity, love, and innocence. Christians also use it to symbolize starting over a new life.

The one who has turned into a new leaf with a more positive attitude towards life has the best choice of dove tattoo to demonstrate his new beginning. A medium-size dove tattoo looks great over the shoulder, or chest (close to the heart from where the desire begins). Ask your artist to add details with white ink over a black base to make an iconic design.

Phoenix Bird Tattoo

Phoenix from the origin is a mythical bird that describes as a ‘bird of the sun’. Because it arise from its own ashes, therefore, known to symbolize the idea of eternity, resilience, and rebirth. It also has a unique status in different cultures and is strongly believed to be a source of power and strength to the ones who have survived hard times.

If you had been faced some kind of trauma or incident that transformed you into a stronger person then Phoenix will be the bird of your choice. Although it goes well in a large piece you can also have a minimal Phoenix design. The bold and vibrant colors while beautifying your tattoo also make it intense and desirable.

Eagle Bird Tattoo

Wisdom, freedom, patriotism, and strength are the meanings interpreted by an eagle tattoo and make this bird a popular choice for men’s tattoo. In American culture, it symbolizes patriotism while in Eastern some view it as a bird who idolizes courage and freedom.

All the details a tattooist can make in its feathers, tail, and wings make the tattoo more aesthetic and appealing. Your forearm or back can beautifully hold this eagle tattoo.

Owl Bird Tattoo

For a long time, owls were misguided as an evil bird or a symbol of bad luck, particularly in the Middle Eastern Cultures. But now this perception has been changed much. People generally associate it with knowledge and wisdom. Being a nocturnal bird, it is also used to manifest deepness, magic, and mystery.

Dard inks make it looks more pleasing and the big, round eyes are the most visible feature of this tattoo which makes it more prominent in your biceps or thigh.

Crow Bird Tattoo

People often don’t consider crow tattoo for being a common symbol of death. But if you admire black tattoo art then it will definitely suit your taste. Also, death is an ultimate result or end of every living being and no one can escape from it. So, if you want a tattoo that keeps reminding you of the end and motivates you to do something different, to make a change then crow will be that bird tattoo you can choose as a timeless idea.

Some people also view it as a symbol of wisdom and transformation. So, it is solely upon you for what symbol or meaning you want the tattoo. As it majorly involves black and grey ink so it can only be covered with a black sleeve or full black tattoo in case of change of mind.

Hummingbird Tattoo

If you are a happy soul who loves to spread joy and happiness among others then a hummingbird Tattoo can be the right choice for body art. This bird is known for love, joy, and energy. As it is a small bird so you can sketch it out anywhere on your neck, chest, inner arm, hands, or foot. Moreover, adding rich, vibrant colors or not will be your one choice.

Small Bird Tattoo

A traditional small bird such as a sparrow is a perfect tattoo idea for beginners. It is not only the least painful but also looks great as a tiny piece of body art. It also offers you the choice of whether to put it on a visible area or covered it when you don’t want to reveal it. The wrist is the perfect place to incorporate a simple, minimalist bird tattoo.

Watercolor Bird

This colorful modification of a plain, black tattoo is getting popular these days. It includes a blend of vivid colors such as blue, pink, yellow, orange, etc. If you dare to try something new, ask the tattooist to make you a watercolor bird.


Other than picking up a specific bird you can also do some creativity with your design to make your own statement. Birdcage, feather tattoo, bird and flower, and love birds are some other ideas to opt for.