Since many centuries, the tattoo art has gained so much popularity and featured among the men. The fact behind its steady popularity is that it is upto the men to get it out of sight or disclose it. Getting a tattoo reveals your aesthetic nature.

If we talk about the men of our society, they are no doubt more keen of tattoos for men to add some charm to their looks and personality. Now, if you have decided to ink out a tattoo, go ahead and look out the multiple types of men tattoos which we put in this article to help you in making a potential choice of tattoo.

Check these best tattoo ideas:


small tattoos for men

Getting a small tattoos for men with the desired meaning is absolutely a piece of art. It is not everyone’s cup of tea to put a small tattoo with the interpretation of complete meaning so, you must look for an experienced tattooist if you do not want to regret later. Sometimes small tattoos for men look more aesthetic than the bigger ones. There are many designs a man can go with a small tattoo theme. This minimal tattoo art gives you a decent look and you may hide it when you want to do so.


tribal tattoos for men

If you want something traditional then tribal tattoos for men is the best name in the world of men tattoo art. Rather than the above tattoo idea this tribal art is a complicated one. But it is totally upto you whether you want to give it a deeper meaning or not. The fact which makes it intricate is because of its association to the culture as it symbolizes the strength and status of tribes. Men who prefer dark colors will certainly like tribal tattoos as they are usually inked out with thick lines of solid black color. Check out amazing tribal tattoo ideas here


simple male tattoos for men

‘True sophistication lies in simplicity’. A brilliant tattoo art does not always need to be giant. There are many tattoos ideas for guys or man that look more cute and versatile if put out in a simple way. You just need to select the right design and ask your tattoos for men artist to ink out it in the simplest manner. Usually the best way to get a simple tattoo is applying very fine lines of tattoo ink using light color shades. So do you admire simplicity?


animal tattoos for guys

This may be the most commonly applied tattoo art for man. Yet nobody can deny the vast range of meanings and symbols covered by the animal tattoos for men. Wild, fast, kind, protective, wise, determined, courageous and a lot more, all such meanings can be perfectly symbolized by various kinds of animal tattoos for men. It always offers the tattoo lovers a wide range of selection. Also there is option either you want a full picture or just a front facing part of the chosen creature.


portriat tattoos for men

This portrait theme in tattoo is the most suitable one for men who want to add the colors of reality to their tattoo. It really looks like a masterpiece if done with professionalism. Also to pay honor to your inspirational human being, portrait tattoo is the best choice. Sometimes men also like to have a portrait tattoo of their favorite celebrity as a token of love. Although it requires a lot of experience, you will not be disappointed if you find a true professional tattooist for portrait tattoos for men.



There are men who want to put tattoos in a straightforward way. Lettering tattoos for men is just like expressing one’s emotions or thoughts in the form of making a direct statement. Sometimes it occurs all of a sudden when you’re going through a series of complex designs and can not settle for a single one. Then despite of further confusion you make a decision of getting this short script tattoo for man. Has this ever happened to you?



May be this tattoo does not sound a good idea for those man who want their tattoos for men to be bright and bold but they are among the most appreciable designs of tattoos. However you can incorporate other symbols in your skull tattoo to make it more appealing. Flowers, flames, butterfly, demons, eagle all such symbols can be partnered with a skull. Also getting a sugar skull tattoo is another way to beautify your skull tattoo.



If you believe in sacrifice and spirituality, nothing more than a cross tattoos for men can satisfy your taste. Yes, it has its own religious significance. You may select this tattoo design to showcase your strong beliefs. It can be as simple or complicate as you want to make it. There are certain options in Celtic cross tattoos for men where you can add some other designs with it too.



You know that you are never gonna meet any mystical creature in real life but they always attract you. They are incredibly weird but at the same time they are inspiring creatures. Men who have a keen desire of getting an outstanding tattoos for men have options to get tattoos of Phoenix, Mermaids, Unicorns, Dragons or Werewolf.


star tattoo for guys

When it comes to a classic taste thanks to star tattoos for guys which give a true classical look to men. For men who fascinate the night sky full of bright stars, star tattoo for guys is something really good. There can be few options to ink out an appealing star tattoos for men. It’s all your choice whether you want a nautical star tattoo or a shooting star tattoo. Not necessarily that you always make your tattoo difficult to understand, you can also get simple tri star tattoo around your wrist.



Horseshoe tattoos for men have always been a symbol of having good luck. Not only from symbolic point of view but they also look incredible when applied as a minimal tattoo art. Sometimes men like a small horseshoe tattoo if they want their tattoo to be simple, but they can be multicolored and as large as possible. Even if you do not believe in its tale of bringing good fortune to your paths, you will experience positive vibes after getting this horseshoe tattoo. Check out latest horseshoe tattoo ideas here



Snake tattoos for men are no doubt a popular design among men for its uniqueness. Using only black or grey shades make the snake tattoos more captivating. A dynamic snake tattoo is the best way of making your tattoo more enchanting. The Ouroboros symbol of snake tattoo is a sign of recreation. It is a rounded design of snake eating its own tail which represents the cycle of life and death.



To express your personality in relation to your zodiac sign tattoos for men is an impressive way to get  zodiac tattoos. It gives you enormous designs to choose between. You can get your stylish zodiac tattoo in simple way by using only the astrological symbol. But if you want a large zodiac tattoo then go with your zodiac creature and reveal your hidden personality in an artistic way. Checkout best 40 zodiac tattoo ideas here



It may come under the heading of animal or zodiac tattoos for men, but it has its unique status in tattoo art all alone. Passion, power, dominance and bravery are no doubt the attributes of scorpion but it also has certain negative traits. It is also very much popular not only among males but females also. It carries itself a sense of fear because of poisonous sting. A scorpion tattoo full of vibrant colors looks more appealing for men.


music male tattoos for men

The language of music is considered worldwide as the best means of communication. When you do not know how to express your sentiments by talking to someone or the society, you go with the idea of music. It’s easier to make your feelings understand by others. Men who are passionate about music will surely like this idea of tattooing their body with music tattoos for men. Musical notes, instruments (more often guitar) and lyrics are few ways to have an expressive music tattoos.



Angel tattoos for men are awesome for men, eye-catching tattoos. Also their symbolic meanings are worth to have an angel tattoo. They are not only for the believers but men who have strength to overcome the life hurdles can get this tattoo to reflect their courage and bravery. It is a symbol of dominance of good upon evil powers. Seeking protection and guidance from God is also what it is meant for.



Getting a name tattoos for men is an exquisite way to show some love to your friend, love, child or sibling. You may incorporate some additional pictures in names if you do not want to leave them unoccupied. These could be some flowers tattoos, wings, butterflies, crown tattoos, feather tattoos etc. Sometimes the first letter of name in a 3D style also looks an exceptional art. You can also ask the tattoo artist to enclose the name in a decorative frame to make it prominent.


black and white male tattoos for men

Black and white tattoos for men are now being setting a new trend in the world of tattoo art for men. If you do not want bold and vibrant color tattoos you can go with this theme. Black and white tattoos have potential to make you standout in the crowd. The patterns of black and white help to highlight every detail of your tattoo.



For beginners this arrow tattoo is the most suitable idea to adapt. As there is no unnecessary detailing in arrow tattoos for men so it is less painful. It can be inked out in large sizes but its actual beauty lies in small delicately designed shape. It is simple yet a timeless design for men tattoo.



The idea of crown tattoos for men is no doubt will be the most preferable tattoo idea for men. Man who is born with the legacy of royalty and supremacy always pertain the characteristics of ruling in his domain. The elegance and charm that a crown tattoo can bring into your body art can never be done by another tattoo design.


When you have decided the design for your tattoos for men, you came up with the thought of where to place it. Certainly it is also not easy to decide. You have to look into some factors which will possibly affect your idea of getting tattoo. Also the size and ink of your tattoo matters a lot. Here are all possible places of inking a tattoo with description of the type also.



Tattoos with longer length are convenient to put on your sleeve or bicep. The tribal and snake tattoos for men can be such options to select for sleeve tattoo. Shooting star tattoos look winsome when inked like falling off your shoulders to lower side. There is also a choice between full sleeve and half sleeve tattoo. Wearing an outfit with short sleeves will help you to showcase your favorite design.



There are 2 ways for having a bold shoulder tattoos for men. If you want some part of your tattoo showing off from the neck region of your T-shirt then put it on the clavicle bone region and if you want to hide it then go with the lower side of scapula on shoulders. As the shoulder region is rounded, it offers you to decorate it in a unique way of your own.



The part which is most popular among men for tattoo is their chest. No doubt a chest tattoos for men looks alluring if done in a correct way. The chest part offers the full coverage for a large sized tattoo art. Yes it can be a bit more painful but once you get that you will like it for times. There are handful ideas for a chest tattoo but the most important thing is to find a right tattooist because if the chest tattoo is not perfectly done it will look worst.



For displaying a tattoo to the viewers and seek some attention for your marvellous tattoos for men, forearm is the right place to opt for. The arrow symbol or minimal animals can be easily drawn on forearms and give them an excellent look check more arm tattoos ideas .


Your back is the largest skin area for a big sized tattoos for men. Any of the mythical creatures tattoo will never go wrong if you put them on the back side. They are large enough to cover the whole space and after completion look like a canvas painting. Check out more back tattoos ideas here


Men who want their tattoos for men to show off but have workplace restrictions will like to have a leg tattoo. At offices you can hide them by wearing pants or jeans but after then you are allowed to display your tattoo by wearing shorts. Isn’t it a good idea? Checkout more best 30 leg ankle tattoo ideas here


Small tattoos for men are better to place on wrist. Symbols or letter, names or stars are few options to opt for wrist tattoo. Wait! A tattoo covering your wrist all around will look more like a bracelet.


Do you have a tattoo on ankle and want to reveal it to the world? Putt off your socks and fold up your pants, let the people see your artistically tattooed ankles.


It is a sensitive area to receive the tattoo for men, yet it is awe-inspiring to get a tattoo on ribs. An intricate and sophisticated design makes your ribs worth appealing.


Neck tattoos for men has now been very common among men. A minimal crown tattoo on the side of your neck will make it look really admirable.

Tattoos for men


There are certain things you should consider while getting tattoos for men. A tattoo remains for several years so you should be very clear mind before visiting any shop to get on the ink.


You may found many tattoo artist who claim to be the best in the crowd but you know not all of them would be the real artist. So before asking any tattooist for applying the ink, make sure you have reached to the right person and do not settle for anyone less than a professional.


A professional tattoo artist knows better what color, technique or tattoo size will suit your skin. That’s why it is important to seek his advice rather than imposing yours or might be you will end up with not so good results.


It is not easy or simple to change your tattoos for men on and off. You should be very careful while making a decision of which design to be inked on the body. Also try to choose a symbol depicting some strong meaning so that you would not regret it later. When you have desire of getting a name tattoos for men, it becomes important to think 10 times more.


When you are about to decide on which part of body the tattoo should be placed, think that way can it affect your work if you got tattoos for men on that relative part? It happens many times that your professionalism gets questioned because of your tattoo.


It is a fact that the procedure of getting tattoos is not comfortable in anyway. But it is not extremely painful as majority of people think before experiencing. May be you just feel it uncomfortable and nothing else.


After completing the process of getting tattoos for men, experts advise you certain things to avoid and take care of, so your tattoo can stay in good condition and will not start fading earlier. Keep up with his instructions strictly otherwise people also sometimes get skin infections.


Here you will be astonished to see some distinguished tattoos for men, designs and preconceptions. Our focus is primarily on notions about what kind of tattoos for men ought to get. So, before getting the tattoo that’s going to stay with you for life, check out our recommended tattoo patterns for adequate guidance.

Companions for life:

Tattoos are the companions for life though there are some methods available to get them removed via laser treatment but sometimes they can be either only partially removed or leave your skin damaged. So, the discussion comes to the point that the process of choosing the right tattoos for men is crucial for long term commitment of staying with the tattoo one loves.

There is another saying that a person does not chooses a tattoos for men but his inner inclinations, vibe and persona does, e.g. someone’s affiliation associated with cars tattoos for men, animals tattoos for men, symbolic tattoos for men, memory of their lost loved ones or to solely fulfill their creative desires only (Non symbolic ones).

Not only this but the tattoos for men wish to chooses must be timeless so that when you get old after decades and take a gaze at it, the joy of owning your masterpiece must be present there.

Infinitely Creative tattoos for guys:

The human body is a piece of art finely crafted to perfection in its full glory by God. Our body is a blank canvas upon which the creativity can be presented in many forms out of which one way is to get tattoos for men. Further more the thing with creative thinking is that “the sky is the limit” and there are endless possibilities to choose a tattoos for men.

Guide to choosing a ..

male tattoo

tattoo for guys

tattoos for guys

In the past people used to get tattoos for men from some specific symbols or wordings so that they can stand distinguished from others which mainly consisted of tribal tattoos for men but not in this modern era.

  1. If you long for a tattoo then Pick the spot on your body, men can get tattoos for men on many body areas like ankle, wrist, back, forearm, hand, fingers, neck, armpits, belly, lower belly, rib cage, shoulder, knees, foot, spine, face, ear, thigh, calves tattoos for men and many more, It’s simply up to you
  2. Settle for either a symbolic or non-symbolic tattoo.
  3. For non-symbolic tattoos for men can hand pick from a range of designs like a phoenix tattoos for men, cross tattoos for men, dragon tattoos for men, clock tattoos for men, money tattoos for men, fictional character tattoos for men, guitar tattoos for men and the list goes on.
  4. Opt for the type and nature of ink.
  5. Either you are looking for a permanent tattoo or the one which is temporary.
  6. Grey, black or colorful ink tattoos for men.
  7. Either to go for words tattoos for guys or art piece and the size of it really is noteworthiness.
  8. If you select words the font and style of it really matters depending upon the body part you are getting that tattoo for men on.
  9. Even if the tattoo for men looks great in preconception it’s of no surety that it will bear the same fruit when come into existence so always get some expert opinion or ask about it from your artist who’s giving you the tattoo before finalizing it.

Still Confuse?

Well, we’ve got you covered. Browse through our exclusive propositions about men’s tattoo designs and select your favorite one.