Does Tattoo Removal Hurt?

Does Tattoo Removal Hurt?

Choosing to have your body inked can make a rush of excitement and create a feeling of liberty, however, when the drama is over regret might happen over causing you to rethink your decision and disagreement if using a tattoo is a fantastic choice for you. How to remove a tattoo is a subject that has to be given much consideration, and comprehensive research needs to be performed in the event the process is going to be accomplished effectively.

Painful Process

In case you thought having your own body tattooed was painful then get ready to experience a completely different degree of pain when it comes to eliminating the tattoo. Due to the ink of the tattoo entering the next layer of your skin,, the elimination of the first layer will have to get done to be able to get to the ink fragments. This is sometimes quite a painful procedure and one which occurs over a set of visits for your tattoo removal centre. You will find a variety of removal methods you’ll be able to choose from and based upon your pain tolerance, financing and desired to look after the procedure will determine which removal procedure you want.

  • Method Number 1 – laser elimination is the most common procedure of tattoo removal. The price for laser elimination can start around $400 bucks or so per session. This system utilises a concentrated light which pulses skin dividing the ink.
  • Method number two – excision is a painful procedure in that a spray is performed on your tattoo which leads to the skin to freeze than be allowed to cut away. Bleeding can occur, but the benefit of this approach is that the symbol could be removed in one visits. This process can be dangerous and leave unsightly scars.
  • Method number 3 – dermabrasion is a series of chemical peels that may be expensive and debilitating. Dermabrasion can be carried out in a specific select dermatologist or spas offices.

This method is the most debilitating and depending on your tattoo, maybe the best.


In the event, the proper procedures are taken to remove your unwanted skin a small scar or skin fading could be the sole real evidence of your body art. How you decide to get rid of a tattoo is based on your pain tolerance and desired effects.

Remember that owning a tattoo requires time and maybe more than one visit for the dermatologist. The internet is full of information on how best to get rid of a tattoo, but use caution when following their measures and advice — research various removal processes to ascertain the safest way for you.