ear tattoos for men

50 best ear tattoos for men

Ever considered an ear tattoo? The trend indicates that men prefer ear tattoos for men because ear tattoos usually occupy relatively small areas thus not noticeable, they are not necessarily pierced and if professionally performed, brings out the bold and highly effective character of men, the ear region looks attractive if inscribed with a good design.

Ear tattoo ideas are usually small because of the small working area; many of the fantastic ideas are limited because of the little space around the ear. Ear designs can be taken on, around or close to the ear.

On the ear due to it’s curvy and one of a kind shape, designs have to be well chosen to fit. Due to the availability of space around the ear, these layouts can be considered; celebrities, hearts, flowers, mixed contour patterns, diamonds, infinity signs. Here clients are spoilt for designs to choose from since the designer can easily manipulate these layouts around the ear. Tattoos around the ear bring out the masculine and highly practical nature of men.

Which are the Most Popular Ear Tattoo Designs Available?

Goliath ear tattoos for men this design simplifies the epic battle between David and Goliath from the bible, contrary to David’s victory, a lot of folks do Goliath’s picture design to demonstrate a feeling of electricity.

Polynesia ear tattoos for men this is a sign of the Egyptian semi-god of protection. It is associated with security.

Dragons ear tattoos for men they’re proven to be both fiery, loud and supernatural. Dragon designs are associated with strength, power and command a lot of respect and influence.

Phases of all the moon — The moon stands for the dwelling. The different stages used in tattoo designs portray the changing character of life; it reminds us how life is inconsistent. The circling nature of existence is well elaborate by these moon designs.

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